Charter Amendments (Proposed)

The Ludington City Council has voted by a 3/5 majority to include the proposed amendments below on the August ballot for voter consideration. 

Proposed Amendments to City Charter 
1. Section 8.2 (Submission of Budget and Budget Message): The City Manager must present budget to City Council no later than the second Council meeting in November rather than by the first Council meeting in November in order to provide most up-to-date budgetary figures to Council. 
2. Section 10.1 (City Manager): Eliminate one-year term for City Manager and replace it with a five-year term. This is discourages qualified applicants from applying to the City. Even if the one-year term is eliminated, Council always has the option to terminate a city manager at any time. The residency requirement must also be eliminated in order to comply with state law. 
3. Section 13.2 (Purchases, Contracts, and Leases): Clarify that the City Manager has authority to make emergency repairs without prior Council approval. 

Please click below to read the full text of each proposed amendment.