Inoperable Vehicles

Inoperable recreational vehicle means any camper, trailer, boat, snowmobile, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicle, dune buggy or similar recreational equipment that is not being used or is incapable of being used for its normal intended recreational use, for a period in excess of ten days, whether licensed or not, and which is visible from a public road or adjacent parcel and, because of damage or deterioration, is or threatens to become a potential harm to the public health, safety, or welfare by reason of a threat or presence of vermin or wild animals, release of fluids or gases, attractiveness to children, or other similar cause. 

Prohibited on Streets

Dismantled or inoperative motor vehicles shall not be permitted in the right of way of streets, alleys or highways within the city. However, this shall not apply to towing or similar transporting of such vehicles. Reasonable time, not to exceed 48 hours from the time of disability for inoperative vehicles, shall be permitted for the removal or servicing of a disabled vehicle in an emergency caused by accident or sudden breakdown of the vehicle.

Outdoor Storage
The outdoor storage of a dismantled, abandoned or inoperative motor vehicle shall not be permitted or allowed on any parcel of land in the city, unless such motor vehicle shall be kept in a wholly-enclosed structure which complies with the city building code, being the state construction code or its successor. However, any bonafide owner, co-owner, tenant or co-tenant may store, permit to be stored, or allow to remain on the premises of which he is the owner, co-owner, tenant or co-tenant any dismantled or inoperative motor vehicle for a period of not to exceed 72 hours if such motor vehicle is registered in his name. For demonstrated hardship, the Chief of Police may extend such period for any such dismantled or inoperative motor vehicle. No extension shall be granted to allow parking of such dismantled or inoperative vehicle on any street, alley or highway within the city.