Duties, Functions & Responsibilities

A firefighter may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential duties. These examples do not necessarily include all duties, which the firefighter is expected to perform.
  • Drive Fire Department apparatus or other emergency equipment to the scene of a fire
  • Connect apparatus to a hydrant or other water source and pump water a proper pressures
  • Direct operations until relieved by a superior fire officer
  • Lay and control holes lines, erect ladders. perform rescues and participate in all firefighting operations
  • Perform inspection work and pre-incident planning.
Additional Qualifying Duties
  • Monitor the operation of meters and pumps and make necessary adjustments or changes as are required to sustain an effective fire attack.
  • Aggressively pursue ongoing training in such subjects as
    • Equipment operations
    • Fire-fighting methods
    • Hydraulics
    • Medical care procedures
    • Pre-incident planning
    • Public fire education
    • Vehicle extrication
  • Perform instructor duties at department training sessions as required.
  • Perform fire prevention/community education activities.
  • Check and maintain pumps, trucks and other firefighting equipment.
  • Keep the fire station and fire apparatus in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Make rescue and emergency calls and administer first aid and emergency medical treatment as required.