Property Taxes

Billing Periods

Property Taxes are billed twice annually:
  • Summer bill issued by September 1st - Due October 9th
  • Winter bill issued by December 1st - Due February 14th
Partial payment of taxes will be accepted. Tax payments must be in the office on or before the due date to avoid penalties; postmarks will not count. A receipt for your tax payment will be forwarded to you if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is included with your payment.

Access the property tax online search tool for more information

Outstanding Property Taxes

As of March 1st, these are turned over to the Mason County Treasurer’s Office for collection, at which time additional fees will be added. If you have any questions regarding taxes due from previous years, please call the County Treasurer’s Office at 231-843-8411.

Certain taxpayers may file to extend the due date for payment of property taxes, without paying interest or penalty. Please see the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes form.

Timely Billing & Collection

The City Treasurer strives to ensure timely billing and collection of taxes and fees, and forwards taxes collected on behalf of other taxing jurisdictions to them twice a month as required by law. Receipt of all payments are deposited daily and then invested in a prudent manner governed by Public Act 20 and the City Investment Policy. Our goal is to maximize the financial resources to meet the needs of the City and its Citizenry by careful planning and investment.