Septage Information

Septage Receiving Facility Operating Plan
The City of Ludington owns and operates a Wastewater Plant and sewerage system that receives wastewater from domestic, commercial and industrial sources as well as septic wastes. The Ludington Facility will continue to accept septage waste based on the Septage Receiving Facility Operating Plan The State of Michigan has amended Part 117 of the Septage Waste Servicers, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 P.A. 451, to require the development of an Operating Plan describing the receipt of septage wastes. This plan is submitted in response to this requirement.

Ludington Wastewater Plant Location and Treatment Capabilities
The Ludington Wastewater Plant is located in the County of Mason, at 5160 W 6th Street, Ludington, Michigan. The Plant provides Service to The City of Ludington, and portions of Mason County in Pere Marquette Charter Township, Amber Township, City of Scottville and West shore Community College in Victory Township. The Ludington Wastewater Plant is regulated under NPDES permit MI0021334, and is authorized to process a maximum sewage treatment flow of 7.5 MGD. The average flow through the Plant for year 2014 was 2.23MGD. The Allocation of the maximum allowable headworks loading capacity Based on BOD is 6,300 pounds per day. The allocation to septic waste was 500 pounds per day. In the year 2014, total pounds of BOD at the headworks were 4633 pounds per day, in which 337 pounds were from septage. Therefore, there is adequate treatment availability for the allocated septic waste.

The Ludington facility has accepted septage for over 20 years.

Septage Receiving Facilities
There is 1 septage receiving facility for the Ludington Wastewater Plant, located at the 6th Street Wastewater Plant. All septage haulers using the facility are required to supply their own discharge hose approved by the Plant.

Hours of Operation
The Plant hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The office is closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Categories of Septage Waste Accepted
The Plant will accept Domestic septage and food establishment septage as described by Part 117 Septage Waste Servicers, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 1994 PA 451.

Fee Structure for Septage Disposal at the Plant
The Plants charges for accepting and treating septage waste is currently $35 per 1000 gallons. Fees are subject to change annually.

Service Area for accepting Septage
The Plant will accept septage generated within Mason County and a radius of 15 miles from the plant, which includes a portion of Oceana County.

Other Conditions for Receiving Septage Waste

  • All trucks hauling in septage to the Plant must be licensed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to transport septage waste. Additionally, all trucks must be in good working order, free from leaking valves, oil or fluid lines.
  • Haulers must have a copy of their current septage license on file at the Plant.
  • The Plant reserves the unrestricted right to:
    • Observe loading of septage into the truck
    • Observe unloading of septage at the receiving site
    • Obtain information as to the location of generation or origin, quantities, and copies of the MDEQ Septage Volume Pump Record
    • Obtain representative samples of all materials being unloaded
  • All haulers will submit a copy each month of a log of septage waste hauled to the Plant to include:
    • Date of pickup and disposal
    • Name and Address of site of origin
    • Telephone number of owner at origin
    • Type of waste
  • Compliance with all applicable requirements and laws regulating septage hauling and disposal
Special Conditions Concerning Porta Potty Waste
Currently the Ludington Wastewater Plant receives porta potty waste from several contractors contributing very small volumes compared to domestic and food establishment septage. The Ludington facility will accept porta potty waste outside the 15-mile radius to include the counties of Mason, Manistee, Lake and Oceana. Porta potty waste will be restricted to the 15-mile radius in the event that the 500 pounds per day headworks allocation is in jeopardy of exceedance or if the Plant encounters handling or treatment problems. Additionally, porta potty waste may not be mixed with other types of septage waste. Monthly reports will also apply to porta potty waste and will be required with all individual sites accounted for.

Site Contacts
Questions concerning this plan or the acceptance of septage at the Ludington Wastewater Plant should be directed to the following:
  • Chris Cossette Superintendent, 231-843-3190