Buying or Selling Property

The information provided is to help assist you in navigating local ordinances and regulations when buying or selling property in the City of Ludington.

Sidewalk Replacement
Before the sale or transfer of any real property in the City of Ludington, the property owner must have an inspection of the sidewalk abutting to their property and conform to the Ludington City Code, Section 46.
Special Assessments & Water Bills
All special assessments and outstanding water bills must be taken care of prior to the sale or transfer of any property. Please contact the City Treasurer for information at 231-845-6237.

Delinquent Taxes

For information regarding Delinquent Taxes, contact the Mason County Courthouse at 231-843-8411

Proposal A
Access information regarding Proposal A (PDF) and how that relates to the purchase and sale of your property.