City of Ludington Act 345 Police Pension Board

The Police Pension Board consists of 5 Members; the City Treasurer, 2 members appointed by the Mayor and 2 members elected by the police department, one must be an active member of the police department. The Police Pension Fund is a pension fund operating under the constitutional and statutory provision of the State. It is governed by a Board and funded by contributions from its participants, taxes levied by the City and from investment earnings. The Fund provides for benefits upon retirement and disability or death for eligible participants as provided for by state statutes.


  • The Pension Board’s fiduciary responsibility is to supervise the general administration of the System and invest its assets.  
  • 2:15 p.m. 
  • The last Friday of each month (with the exception of the months of November and December) 
  • Ludington City Hall 
    400 S. Harrison Street Ludington
  • If you have any questions, please call City Treasurer Virginia Didur at 231-845-6237
    All meetings are open to the public.


  • John Fellows (City Appointment)
    Term expires: 2023
  • Austin Morris (Elected by PD)
    Term expires: 2025
  • Sue Maltbie (Elected by PD)
    Term expires: 2024
  • Bruce Lowing (City Appointment)
    Term expires: 2023
  • City Treasurer (Ex-Officio)