Senior Citizen's Advisory Board

The Senior Citizen’s Advisory Board consists of 10 members, appointed by the mayor.


  • Provide guidance regarding the establishment and provision of services to aging persons in the city.
  • Encourages, promotes, assists and safeguards the rights and abilities of older people to maintain maximum health, well-being and independence. 
  • Recommends programs, activities and policies for the operation of the Ludington Senior Center.
  • Kerry Scrivens
    Term expires: 2024
  •  John Beckett 
    Term expires: 2023
  •  Gene Kyle
    Term expires: 2024
  •  Jim Bachelder
    Term expires: 2024
  • Cindy Christiansen
     Term Expires: 2023
  • Katie McPike
    Term expires: 2025
  • Annette Quillan
    Term expires: 2025
  • Maryanne Renier
    Term expires: 2024
  • Cathy Organ
     Term expires: 2025